Mankulam Kathakali

Legends & the Legacy

Kathakali Acharyan Late Sri Mankulam Vishnu Namboothiri was the son of Sri. Kesavan Namboothiri, the first Kathakali artist in the family and Smt. Saraswathy Antharjanam.,

Sri. Mankulam Vishnu Namboothiri came to hail the fame, the abiding Kathakali artist who performed within the nation and abroad as well. His wife was also with the name Saraswathy Antharjanam and their children were Smt. Droupadi Antharjanam, Sri. Kesavan Namboothiri, Sri. Damodaran Namboothiri and Sri. Krishnan Namboothiri respectively. Keerikkad Sankara Pillai, Kochu Velu Pillai, Chennithala Kochupilla Panikkar, Kurichi Kunjan Panikkar and Thottam Sankaran Namboothiri were the mentors of this Epic. Gathered awards are uncountable, as those achieved by the son Prof. Dr. Mankulam Krishnan Namboothiri for his magical performance in Chenda and the meaningful life as an educationist!

Smt. Subhadra Devi is the wife of Sri. Krishnan Namboothiri and their daughters, Smt. Latha Sanil and Smt. Kavitha Madhavan Namboothiri.

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